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Looking for ideas?

  • Ever have that feeling that you know a room needs to change but you are just not quite sure how? We understand how daunting this can be.

  • Upon quote approval we use our experience and knowledge in the industry to help you explore ideas, options and possibilities. Call Cecilia today on 083 589 3277 for more info!

Give any room a facelift, and brighten your world.

Smart, strategic interior décor can make a house or building feel brand new.
Once you have approved the quotation we meet a few days later over a cup of coffee at either your premises or ours, and between us we will crystalize our ideas until we have the perfect solution for you.

Once in production we'll stay in communication with you with updates and info.

Extra Services

  • Curtaining resourcing and makeup
  • Creative floor and wall paintwork
  • Custom-designed & built furniture
  • Furniture re-upholstery
  • Interior design workshop

Curtaining makeup & hanging

We are well-known for our expertise in curtain fabric resourcing and selection.
Be they voluminous and dramatic window adornments with
all the trimmings, or light, sunny materials that keep a room friendly, our skills with curtaining and blinds of all makes will give any interior that "just right" finish.