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To Our Customers

  • It is our promise to you that we will leave no stone unturned to find the right fabric, texture or material to your requirements.

  • It is important to us that you are fully satisfied with our work in enhancing your environment. We have built a proud reputation on this...

Brief Profile

Doing good business successfully since 1983, from Cape Town to Pretoria...
Cecilia started Kleine Schuur in 1983 in Pretoria North and has since used her creative talents and eye for proportion, spaces and light to decorate interiors around the country. Amongst our clients are SAPS, Dept. of Correctional Services, Yskor, guest houses and customers abroad.

Interior Designers:– We also serve as a workshop to several well-known interior designers and are fully geared to accommodate more.


Once you are signed up we can set
an appointment to provide pre-
production consulting on general interior decorating, including curtaining and re-upholstery.

Our Mission

The Kleine Schuur mission is
to produce rooms designed and
decorated to best evoke the atmosphere and living harmonies
a client may seek.

Our Team


  • Clients often express their satisfaction in doing business with us, and more than one has wished they'd found us sooner!

To Fit Your Purse

  • We are known for our ability to come up with
    interior decorating proposals to suit virtually
    any budget!